Welcome. I own a computer repair company and I’d like to share information I learn with the community for free in hopes of getting donations or maybe some advertising dollars eventually… I also just like to help people out. This website is essentially a directory of repair procedures for different issues and I will be updating it as often as possible with new issues I encounter and fix.

You can call me Dean the Computer Guy.

Leave a reply with questions and I’ll try to help out and make postings for you.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have an HP CQ62 laptop and I had to change the mother board. Your missing information advise worked for me. I still have two hang ups. 1. When I leave the battery out it boots every time on AC power but will not boot every time with just the battery. The battery is new from HP. I let it charge overnight before I used it. 2. What happens on boot is there is this item that comes up about trying to boot from the network and says cable is missing. I have tried to turn this off in the bios and also made it last in the boot list. If you disable it and save on exit it re-enables itself on the next boot. It will not stay disabled. With the battery in it just hangs with flashing cursor on top left of black screen. Any Ideas. Bios is HP f.37. Bill.

    • It sounds like the battery is bad. It sounds like there isn’t enough battery power to run your hard-drive 100% so your computer is having a problem booting from it – a la blinking cursor.

      The less likely option is that something on the motherboard is bad. There is no software that runs the battery; it’s all programmed into the motherboard and bios. So if the battery for sure isn’t bad, then it’s a motherboard issue.

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